Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Dragging my way back


I haven't really posted anything up here in a long while!

Mainly because I've been caught up doing the boring 9 to 5 stuff and sorting everything else out that goes with it..

I've picked up some new software packages: Modo 601, ArtRage and Vue 9

So far I have only had a short amount of time playing with each of them.

ArtRage is a digi painting program that is quite minimalist similar to Autodesk's SketchBook but with an emphasis on replicating traditional art mediums. From what I've seen it does a fairly good job of it and is quite cheap for a one seat license but the way the tools can float over the top of the canvas gives it a disorganised feel which is again a lot like SketchBook. This is one thing that puts me off of both programs.

Vue 9 is a cool program for making natural environments and Modo looks like a great modelling package but I've not had the time to get to grips with either short of 20 minutes idly tinkering. It's quite hard to go from Maya to Modo as the UI is totally different. Vue is in a whole different ball park! But I have seen pictures in a couple of CGI magazines that show how powerful these tools are.

Now here's a pen I made in Maya, the first thing I've made in a while and a chance to play with depth of field :)

With DOF

Without DOF