Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Unit 6: Maya Part 2

Jiggle Deformer- Head:

Jiggle Deformer- Heart

Unit 6: Maya Tutorials Part 1

Despite Maya deciding to be a pain here's the majority done:

Blendshapes- Mirroring:

Blendshapes- Operational Order:

Blendshapes- Positive, negative, corrective:

Blendshapes- Wire Deformer Part One:

Blendshapes- Wire Deformer Part Two:

Felix -(new and improved flavour!) "NOW IN 3D!"

Didn't have any 3D glasses but assuming the two images average together it should work (crosses fingers)

Monday, 2 May 2011

Unit 6- Bacteria Concept Art WIP

I started doodling this a couple of hours ago and I can honestly say I am super proud at drawing something so epic! I'm getting tired so may have to finish in the morning...

Unit 6- Draft Script

Finally got a script together, I was struggling a little with how to make this work. Think I might have nailed it now :)

Unit 6 Draft Script

Unit 6; H.R. Giger Influence?

So I had done a couple of sketches for a bacteria and though it had a kind of Cyberpunk feel to it, so I Googled around a bit looking at different art styles similar to cyberpunk; biomech tattoo art, steampunk robots, cybernetic concept art and Giger's name cropped up. Having seen his work around before I took a good look at it and realised that a lot of the 'organic meets inorganic' works are really inspiring.

The art style I am going for will have the bacteria sporting cyborg-esque appendages/modes of transport whilst the body's immune system will have a more 'ethereal meets conventional weaponry' theme. My rationale for this is that in theory the body works in a similar way to warfare. The B cell identifies the enemy bacteria and analyses it, it then gets reinforcements which make antibodies. The antibodies essentially act as a beacon, drawing the attention of a macrophage which then eats it. Very reminiscent of a small company of soldiers laser tagging enemy armoured machines for destruction by air strike or artillery. By making them appear ethereal it will set off a nice contrast between the visceral looking bacteria.

Influential works I'm looking at for the bacteria:
The organic, yet inorganic appearance is both fascinating and repulsive

The symbiotic nature of this image is a great inspiration for my bacteria :)

Image Source: