Wednesday, 27 April 2011

@Phil regarding music

Hey Phil,

I've contacted Carl, the man behind where Pol Winandy got the music for his commission project. Carl says I'm free to use his music as long as he is credited. I was wondering if this would be closely skirting the royalty free requirements for the soundtrack? I'd like to make my own once I have everything produced but I don't know how much time I'll have left to find/make a soundtrack so if you could clarify this I'll know ahead of time :)

Also, regards the resub, do I upload the reviews, timeline and essay or should I put it together in Word and hand it all in on/before crit day?

A slightly more upbeat Ollie

Macrophage sketches

So I was flicking through the course blog and saw the supplement showing Vaclav Pajkrt's work. I was blown away by the flowy-ness of it. Then I though, how about sea creature influenced biology and looked at some lionfish as they have long ornate fins. I then grabbed some paper and put this design down. It's like a cross between a samurai helmet and a lionfish/jellyfish which is ideal as the macrophage is a predatory sort of cell that eats marked pathogens in the body... like a biological Whitman made of... lionfish?

Quick pencil concepts

So I took my little working sketches onward a little
The first is how I imagine the B Cell firing off an antibody marker to flag down a macrophage, like a smoke marker to call in artillery or air support in conventional warfare. I was quite heavily influenced by conventional weapons of war
The second is a slightly more detailed concept of a B Cell on patrol. It's only after this I noticed that they're actually round and fluffy looking...

Unit 6 brainstorming

Here was me trying to square everything away on paper so I knew what I was doing:

Monday, 11 April 2011

@ Alan, Maya exercises for unit 5

Here's the character rig and piston done :) :

Hope these are readable, using a new 19'' screen which makes text look titchy -_-

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Unit 5:revised script

Here's the revised script, altered the first scene mostly to make it more exciting overall...

The Bilious Cuckoo Script 02

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Character Development Sketches

sketches for my characters, I like how I seem to be getting my own style of drawing :)