Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Unit 2: Sphinx Scene- Influence maps and some sketches

The Sphinx scene is where the time traveller arrives in the future and is astounded by the sight of a giant sphinx and in the background are some marvellous futuristic buildings.

I took my inspiration from the Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt. When ever ancient Egypt comes to mind I always think of papyrus reeds, which quickly led me to the leaves on willow trees (as the story is based in England and the weeping willow was brought across and have taken off). The buildings are described as having 'delicate parapets' but I believe parapets to be far too gothic for the scenery, especially when broaching on quasi-Egyptian aesthetics. I was drawn to a level from Unreal Tournament (a video game from the late 90's) called Facing Worlds, a personal favourite of mine due in part to the view of earth but also because of the strange ancient design of the bases which I believe fits in a little better although I have crossed it with the base design from Facing Worlds 2). As for the little picture of the mountains, it kind of wandered in after the sketch at the bottom of this post; I had mentioned to Carpathians to Steven and have been looking at some screenshots of Skyrim ( I dare not play it as the series has a habit of eating time, month by month)  and it must have creeped into my subconscious but I like the idea and it's a kind of homage to the 2002 remake of The Time Machine where the Eloi live in wooden 'cocoons' on a cliff face.

I just started randomly sketching how the building might look, possibly integrating the sphinx with them

A drawing of the Great Sphinx

This looks better in my sketchbook...  but essentially I feel this capture what I want in the piece  although I will tweak a few bits

Image sources for Influence Map:

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