Friday, 4 November 2011

Unit 2- Museum Scene, rough photoshop blockout

Here's some work from Photoshop class today, I'm trying to find a good composition still. As Phil Hosking said "I don't want any boring images".

This is the first take on the image, Not so dynamic?

Changed the viewing angle on the room, more dynamic?
I haven't redrawn the dark chasm where the Morlocks live


  1. nice work, oliver. it'd be cool to see this developed further over the coming weeks. also, have you got any thumbnails etc for your other scenes?

  2. Ollie - truth be told, I don't really 'get' this view point... it looks like you're directing my eye to a mouse hole in a skirting board, but I"m quite sure that's not your intention!

  3. Ollie - what are you doing? Is this Groundhog Day or what? Get some work on here NOW you eejit. You won't be able to pass this unit if you don't demonstrate 5 weeks worth of creative development. Wake up, Ollie - you've been through this once before, remember. You'll need to pay close attention to the link below - as the crit instructions are pretty clear in terms of how and when I want things done. This will be news to you, so pay attention and don't be the exception...

    For your info:

  4. What 'apnin' Ollie. Wheres your creative juice?
    And I honestly have to agree with Phil on the mouse hole in a skirting board thing