Monday, 28 November 2011

Unit 2- Maya

Maya UV Layout Task

(Forgot how to do a sky...)


  1. Hellos Oliver!! :D

    With Lydia and I, we're your creative partners for this unit!! I'm really looking forward working with you and Lydia sharing ideas and stuff and seeing your work coming into shape! I'm always here for advice and feedback so just gimme a shout!! XD

    Firstly, well done in finishing Maya- I've still need to finish mine at the min. For the sky, I haven't done this before but I'm guessing you play with the lights? Its probably better to ask Alan or Simon on this- Sorry!!

    Looking forward to work with you and Lydia,

    Joey :D

  2. Hey Joey, I'm not actually on this unit as far as I'm aware but fear not I'll still bounce ideas around with you and Lydia... might even create a set anyway ;)

    If either of you need me desperately just comment on my blog, I get emailed every time a comment is posted otherwise I may lose you amongst the other blogs

  3. Hey Oliver, as you might be able to guess I'm your other creative partner :) looking forward to working with you and Joey on this project!!