Friday, 28 October 2011

Unit 2- Space Photoshop class pt2

I worked a little more on the Machine Room drawing I started earlier, trying to get a way to draw the eye across the imaghe and filling in the dead space.

I then experimented with different arrangements of the objects I had


  1. hey oliver, these are looking good but it may be a good idea to put together some more thumbnails first before you commit to a solid idea straight away.
    either way, i love the way you've handled the foreground space in order to draw the viewer in, i can't wait to see it fleshed out a bit more.

  2. I'm not really committed to it yet; just trying to find a good, interesting, composition. It's looking far too clean for an ancient museum anyway :)

  3. here's a couple of images relating to the ancient museum idea,

    taken from batman: arkham city and fallout 3. hope they come in handy.

  4. Thanks Steven, I never really thought about Fallout 3 even though it's hiding on my computer somewhere (I've banned myself from games for the 5 weeks of the project)

    The Batman screenie has open my mind to having a more dynamic shot, with more than one level (in retrospect it seems kinda obvious having been in one or two museums and galleries)