Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Unit 2 Space- Extracts

Finally managed to read all 3 extracts and have chosen my scenes

Scene 1
The Machine Room.

Here the antagonist of the novel is exploring a ruined museum and finds himself in a room full of old machines on display, the room slopes downward into darkness. Everything is covered in a thick layer of dust; the dust is thinner and marked by the occasional Morlock footprint. Light only comes in from thin slitted windows that are part covered by the earth (as the building itself has sunken [or the earth risen?]). There are white orbs (broken lights)  on the ceiling, some broken and cracked.

Scene 2
The Morlock's Cave (or at least one of them)

A large cave, almost perfectly dark with the exception of the light coming from the narrator's matches. There are "great shapes like huge machines" that "cast grotesque black shadows". the Morlocks are there hiding in the shadows. There is a hint of freshly shed blood in the air. The Morlocks have a little table of white metal table set up for a meal with a large joint of meat on it.

"It was all very indistinct: the heavy smell, the big unmeaning shapes, the obscene figures lurking in the shadows..." (p52)

Scene 3
The Sphinx and the Eloi/Futuristic buildings/city

Here the narrator has hauled the Time Machine to a stop accidentally knocked it over. The British weather still exists as there is a heavy hail storm to greet the weary traveller. Out of the clearing hail and rain appears a weather worn Sphinx carved from white marble set on a bronze pedestal covered in verdigris (the blue/green tarnish that forms from copper oxidising) behind a vast area of Rhododendrons. In the background are 'huge buildings with intricate parapets and tall columns'

Now I'm all set there, more sketching! Also looking at other concept artists, more on that later


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