Wednesday, 27 April 2011

@Phil regarding music

Hey Phil,

I've contacted Carl, the man behind where Pol Winandy got the music for his commission project. Carl says I'm free to use his music as long as he is credited. I was wondering if this would be closely skirting the royalty free requirements for the soundtrack? I'd like to make my own once I have everything produced but I don't know how much time I'll have left to find/make a soundtrack so if you could clarify this I'll know ahead of time :)

Also, regards the resub, do I upload the reviews, timeline and essay or should I put it together in Word and hand it all in on/before crit day?

A slightly more upbeat Ollie

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  1. I suggest you contact Carl (via Pol if necessary) and confirm the conditions of use. If he says okay, it's okay. Regarding the re-sub - upload blog-based stuff to blog, clearly entitled 'Unit 5 Resub' - and hand the essay in on disc as per instructed.