Thursday, 10 March 2011

Unit 5- Rough Story

OKay so I'm struggling a little with how to make my cuckoo clock a bilios one but heres where I am so far:

The cuckoo clock's original, fake bird has fallen out and seeing as he is nailed to a wall he can't retrieve it. There is an open window, through which a little bird comes flapping in. The clock snatches the bird out of the air and stuffs it in himself. However, as the hour ticks nearer the clock starts feeling a little unwell and gets progresively worse the nearer it gets to 12:00. As the clock hits midday he starts to heave and tries to supress the inevitable regurgitation of the bird which comes out chirping and zooms out of the window


  1. Like the idea Ollie, I can imagine exaggerated squashes and stretches with this storyline.

    Just a thought, on the peevish; irritable; cranky lines.. what if the clock is broken or chirping at the wrong time and a guy fixing it keeps getting thumped by the cuckoo? Like a boxing glove on an extendable arm?

  2. To be honest, Ollie - I think you've nailed your story - in so much as the ejection of the bird is the reason for the clock's queasiness. It may not even be necessary to set up your act one as you've suggested. It is enough that the clock is bilious BECAUSE it is a cuckoo-clock - BECAUSE there is always something inside it waiting to be regurgitated. You could make the reveal of the cuckoo-clock the Act 3 'Ah ha!' - with the action up until then being a comedic observation of a clock (not yet revealed as a cuckoo clock) trying not to vomit...

  3. Soudns good, so by not revealing it to be a cuckoo clock you mean to show the clock itself but hide the fact that it is a cuckooing one? :)