Tuesday, 22 March 2011

IOR- Unit 5 Script

Here's my script for my animation, its a little different from the last unit's script in that it's more a camera directing script, because there is no dialogue and as such is formatted differently.

The Bilious Cuckoo Script 01


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  1. Interim Online Review 22/03/2011

    Hey Ollie,

    At risk of irritating you, I just don't think you need the opening; there's an inherent illogicality about the clock choosing to swallow the bird, which then makes it sick - unless you first establish that clock is missing its original bird, and so is on the look out for a replacement. I think that back-story is too complex to establish. If the real emphasis of this unit is on nicely executed animation (and it is!), I strongly encourage you to simply begin with the snoozing clock, the ticking, the moving hands of the clock, and then all that great Act 2 stuff as the clock prepares to cough up the bird (in your original story, you've already given away the reason for the clocks billiousness - as the audience has already seen it swallow the bird). There are lots of complexities in terms of squash and stretch etc, and there's the animation of the expulsion of the bird itself to deal with, just deal with them and make the most of them. In terms of the ending, the fact that this happens to this poor clock EVERY time the bird pops out IS the comedic aspect. I think this is certainly an instance of doing more with less.

    When The Wind Blows is based on the original drawings by Raymond Briggs:

    info here:


    and congrats on post number 100!