Saturday, 12 February 2011

Unit 4- Draft Script

This is my draft script. I've written it as a basis to condense down into a minute's worth, I think at the moment it reads out to about 5 minutes-ish...

I'm finding it hard to cram character development, dialogue and visual storytelling space into one minute :(

UNIT 4 Draft Script


  1. Hi Oliver, I really like the idea of watching a down and out salesman finally have enough of the way people treat him and lose his temper when someone goes to far. But instead of the ending being that the contents of the tube kill the boss. How about that the contents sticks the bosses mouth together and then we watch as he tries to shout at the salesman when he walks out the door. Its just a thought I had when I when I read through your script.

  2. Hey, thats a pretty good idea I never thought of! I think maybe he could stick him to the chair too, that way it makes the boss become the weaker character, thanks Sasha!