Thursday, 3 February 2011

Cranking out a couple of ideas

I'm trying to simulateously create characters whilst forming a story... It's kinda working but it all needs to come together so here's my story  plot:

A down and out door to door salesman, recently divorced/widower/other tragic or otherwise stressful eventee

The Boss; the man our saleman reports to/licks shoes etc

Joe on the phone; the salesman's best (if not only friend) whos is never seen but heard on the phone

Townsfolk; behind the doors of every house lives on of these

Clownsfolk; who else populates a circus?

Plot (has anyone seen it?)

a stressed out salesman is told by his boss that he'll be fired unless he shifts 200 units (i.e. packs of superglue) by the end of the day because of his recent poor sales figures. The salesman needs the job, his rent is backed up, bills are drowning his etc

He sets out and is unsuccessful 99% of the time. Doors slam, people yell abuse, one even fires a shotgun at him yelling 'gerrof my land!' (or words to that effect)

He calls Joe On The Phone, his trustworthy (mostly offensive) only best friend who suggests the circus that is in town, saying how he had success there in the past (backstory is that he used to be a used nose dealer, HAR HAR!)

the salesman dashes off, having only sold 50 packs of superglue

The clowns reject his sales pitches and squirt him with water flowers, throw pies at him etc.

Salesman gets a call from The Boss, checking up on him. Hearing of his still poor performance he demands the salesman return to the office to hand in his suitcase and badge. The salesman hangs up, looking at his phone he hurls it to the ground at his feet and gives it an alighty stomp, throws away his tie and rips off his name badge.

Cut to night/late evening in the Boss's office; The Boss is relaxing in a large executive chair facing away from the door with a large 'something on the rocks'. The salesman quietly opens the door and stealths up behind The Boss and kills him with some tubes of superglue.

I'm taking influence from the film Falling Down with Micheal Douglas. I'm thinking possibly in the style of a graphic novel/sin city/ film noir with a really gritty textural feel.

theres also this news story which is related:

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