Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Unit 4- Storytelling

I drew out of the lucky bags the words Circus, Door to Door Salesman and Superglue and I was a little stumped with it. How do I communicate the identity of a door to door salesman in a circus and involve superglue in the whole affair?

Step forward 'brain' which managed to throw an idea my way :)

Taking inspiration from film noir, graphic novels and the film Sin City I've got this:

Setting: A smoky room in a tent with a single lamp above a small table.

D2DSM is sitting at the table, camera frames his face, cigarette hanging out of his mouth filling the already foggy room with more smoke. He stares intently at on the table, out of shot.

D2DSM narrates: Pressure, it can make or break a man.

Camera pans across the room showing some crying clowns.

Sweat beads on D2D's head

and then some other stuff happens...

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