Friday, 21 January 2011

Pencil meets Tablet: Concept Art

There's not a whole bunch of digital concept art. I did one rough bit at the beginning, struggled with it and saw what I was drawing wasn't working, back to the pencils to redraw an underground platform. It's odd because I usually like working in photoshop more than on paper but this time I actually hated having to draw up digital concepts. My second attempt progressed to nearly finished then saw something was awry.. after seeing Mr Hoskins (Sp?) I found out it was all a matter of perspective, literally.

After remedying the perspective I considered it done, there is stuff in my final scene that isn't in the concepts. Some of it was thought up as I was modelling, most of was just never commited to paper or pixels.

Concept Art:

Poor concept art


2D lighting tests :)

2D Shadow tests...

ooh the interplay of light and dark. The use of red is soley so I could see it properly

Around about now I figured something was amiss

thanks to Phil I got the perspective (and scale, the tunnel was far to small) right

job done? I couldn't find a way to remedy to obscene amounts of saturation on the left but hey ho

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