Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Final composition -Retweaked- (WIP)

Now that I'm finally at home again (I will get this BMW on the road....) I had a chance to tweak my render, it did appear dark and atmospheric on my screen, really really dark on the Mac in L1 and totally black on the projector. So here's a new render with a tiny ambient light in there so you can see it ;) Note: I've only been in for a little bit so the matte painting looks a little out of place, needs pounding back into place.

[EDIT] Also noticed (after batching it out with Amb Occ..) that the tile texture on the right wall has bumped the wrong way, I guess because I applied the wrong texture to it somehow... ooops. I'll re-render and matte it tommorow.


  1. Nice Oliver, love the details (mainly the stairway with the light shinning down) ~

  2. Thank you :) It'll look better once I sort the bump map out on the walls though, for some reason it changed when I rendered it out :S