Monday, 20 December 2010

I'm Ill

This is a rarity, I am actually under the weather... feeling rough :(

Friday, 17 December 2010

Photoshop texture painting (WARNING it is EPIC!)

It's rare that I blow my own whatsit (because I'm a strings player and not woodwind)  when it comes to my work but I feel that this is a truely epic bit of digital painting on my part :)

Reference Image

Black scatter brush over noise and motion blur filters

Lasso'd a selection, texture brush with drop shadow

Lasso'd another selection, more drop shadowing

mmm....texture brush, also added scratches cracks, stains and mould

FINAL- added a couple more scratches across the dark brown area

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

@phil- tableau vivant?

Just to clarify something on the tableau vivant style, can we have anything 'moving' or in the process of moving, like my idea of having part of a train carriage in the scene, if it was an animation it would be passing through and it would be kicking up some dust and old papers etc. Is this within the boundaries of the style? the interwebz doesn't really say much more that its like a snapshot of life or a scene from a play etc. I just think my scene might benefit from some implied movement from litter/wind/dust (of course I have yet to put the idea in my head to paper but I would like to know the boundarys)

Influence maps

An influence map for the marionette and the station/platform itself:

Location influence

I've decided to run with the train station although I have no idea about layout/location. I have seen this photo of the disused 18th street station in Manhattan:

I really do like this picture, it seems to already have a CG quality about it. There is also a contrast between the modern concrete coloumns and what appears to be old wooden frames in front of the train.

IDEA!!!: Would it destory the uncanny effect to have a train encroach upon the scene? Not a whole train but just the front or rear of a single carriage. The train would reinforce the familar aspect of a train platform and serve to cast dramatic light esp. if a marionette was being backlit by the train seeing as backlit subjects would only appear as a sillouette and imagnination seems to love playing tricks with shadows?

must grab drawing implements...

Marionette influences

Just some more marionette pics (I am taking note that the whole scene must be uncanny and that this isn't character design)

I was thinking about how the eyes should look, something like this is kinda creepy

Marionette enemies from Devil May Cry, not particularly scary but I like the costumes. Maybe the marionette should have a dagger?

A $1500 marionette, the odd proportion of the head make it a little unnerving (the scultor seemed to only have focused on one area too... ;)

So far for the stringed fellow It'll have these traits: Black eyes with a narrow eccentricity because they're unnatural and a bit scary, dressed in a sort of motley(?) with little wings and an odd sized head. A large portion will be burned (as influence from the Gulf War pic on a prior post)

Influential images

These are some influential images I've collected, I think I'm probably going to go for either a train platform/tube platform or a public toilet. I am determined to use a marionette or similar 'immobile' puppet-esque things.

Image 1 from
This image didn't come out properly because of an 'anti-theft' script on the images, the 1/4 i have looks good anyway:

Image 2: a picture of Montzen station (cant remember where it came from)
In particular I like the low camera location

Image 3: A scary Marionette, is there much more to say about this creepy looking thing?

Image 4 (Warning, its a bit disturbing) A picture taken during the Gulf War or a burnt out soldier. I was thinking of using this as a basis for a marionette; a burnt puppet with untouched eyes that capute a malevolent glint.
Opens up bigger, didn't want to put anyone off their lunch

@ Phil#2

Hi Phil,

In an effort to get back on track would you be able to give a 2nd brief review in a couple of days? I'm going to try and really focus myself on this project and generate something good to hopefully pull my grade on this unit up. If I can do it I should do it, I'm not 3rd material so I think I should pull my foot out of my ass. With that in mind, since life drawing is over till next semester and theres nothing but self directed study till friday I can really put my nose to the grindstone and be productive.


@Phil OIR Unit 3- Environment

I have been a bit lax with uploading work to the blog, here is some:

My 3 ideas are: A living room, A train/bus/other tiled subterranian place, a childs room with marionettes

I have been looking at various websites for inspiration on deserted places, some have been posted by others on the group blog.

I have a fourth idea, a large-ish public toilet, not particularly uncanny in itself but there is a cutscene in the game Doom 3 (which I have yet to get a screenshot of) where the room becomes quite atmospheric. Another title with an uncanny atmosphere is Silent Hill 2 (again, no screenshot of that yet).  A fair amount of the design is yet to be put on paper.

Film reviews are coming in the next couple of days, trying to juggle Perception and Space after taking onboard your advice to get as much done before the break because as you say, people say they'll work over xmas but really never do (although I will be trying)

Here is a quick digital painting of the underground place...

The idea is to have some wind/dust lead thr eye from the entrance to the bear in the phonebox (phonebox is drawn badly...i.e. missing phone)

...I really like the idea of tiles because they have so many connotations to uncomfortable places: dentists, hospitals, toilets, abbatoirs, buchery shops and anywhere else bodily fluids end up going. Tiles are almost always seen as being clean (in healthcare anyway) with sparkling clean glaze, even spacing and in one piece. The effect of having split, cracked glaze/tile I think gives a normal scene a touch of the uncanny if the damage appears fresh and promps questions of how, why, when and by whom. Even in the underground (or at least the northern line) the tiles are on the whole intact, but fairly grubby so when places that are normally untouched have wipe marks or huge gouges out of them it prompts the same questions. because of the multitude of answers it would move out of being vague and into the uncanny. Use of light and other artefacts would give the merest scent of something dark or mysterious.

I'm thinking of throwing a marionnete in the scene, because I personally think they are disturbing and also because I'd like the technical challenge of modelling something humanlike

Friday, 10 December 2010

Photoshop: Layer masks and texture tile

painting textures for tiling is a tricky business!

Here's mine, a mouldy tile:

Here it is, tiled 4x4:

Can still see the tile-ness of the image despite removing all the lines

the other images are too big at the moment, I'll have to resize and post them up after the pub ;) Done :)

Monday, 6 December 2010

Disused rail pics

(The owner is a bastard and has a clear .GIF image overlaying all the photos so I have to screen capture the ones i like)
EDIT: No, firefox lets me view all images on a page seperately! Go Firefox GO!
EDIT #2: No , I will have to screen capture them all... stupid pixclear.gif...

#1 From:

Friday, 3 December 2010

Quick post- Env ideas

  • Kitchen/Bar- counter with knife suck point down into surface. Table with some stuff knocked over, chair toppled. A door in the back of the room opens outward into darkness
  • Train/Bus station. some lights out, news paper blown across shot. what light remains is dim and yellow, jaundiced look. A small, innocent looking, toy bear with a little green bow tie sits on a shelf in a public telephone. The phone is disengaged, hanging down but now quite still. It hasn't moved for a while, protected from the draughts but the glass enclosure despite the small jagged hole in one pane surrounded by a small amount of a reddish brown substance.The walls are tiled, some with a blackish mould that forms in damp places. in some places a few tiles are missing, fallen off through age or past abuse to smash loudly against the floor and become little more than rubble, a remenant of the past. The roof (if/where visible) is meshed over to prevent pidgeons roosting, the mesh is broken in places with feathers and pigeon mess coating a proportion of the piece.
  • Childs room- Dark, under exposed with creepy manaquin(s) in a childs bed staring at the camera. Moonlight picks up the detail in a cold blueish light. The light reflects on the manaquins eyes making them seem real. What can be seen of the room is that of any childs room, toys and bits decorate the space but seem faded and dusty. toys are abandoned as if their owner left mid-play. A door in the background stands ajar letting in a little more of the same moonlight