Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Maya Dice

After starting over a couple of times (and occasionally emitting some profanity).. it lives!!

It really sucks that when I save the renders as a JPEG the images show really nasty compression artefacts... the first one is a Bitmap weighing in at nearly 2.3Mb but thats the only way I could squeeze a decent shot out :)

I will probably redo the textures using a tablet, the idea was to give the dice a slightly worn out look

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Putting a spin on things... thoughts anyone?

Just thought I'd post an idea I've been kicking about in my sleep the last couple of nights.

"Following an accident in your teleportation pod, you have been spliced genetically with an animal..."

I've been trying to think of a way to meet the req's of the brief but without destroying the natural beauty of the Owl with which I am to be spliced; to paraphrase what Phil said last Friday in the bar 'its a beautiful animal'. The 'Fly' films and the wording of the brief lends the whole project very sci-fi grotesque overtones which I feel would destroy any attempt at creating a harmonius hybrid.

Anywho, so the idea I've had is some sort of magical teleportation with perhaps a wooden 'pod' set in the middle of some forest (this would then explain the owl). It would be somewhat irrelevant but I was thinking of doing a little storyboard, once I have the hybrid fleshed out (so to speak), just to get the final image in some sort of context.

Would this still be within the brief? I think I've stayed within the bounds but criticism would be good!