Wednesday, 25 August 2010

How to spook yourself before bed!

Just watched through all 26 in the series Marble Hornets, its quite interesting and very unnerving. I don't handle horror/thriller films too well especially since I live outside of town next to a forest with no street lighting :S

   I like the way there is suspense and a sense of foreboding without anything actually happening in the majority of the videos, the use of distortion in the audio and video is well done (albeit too loud in a couple of spots).

The man in the suit that appears throughout the series is called 'The Slender Man' and is actually a complete fabrication from the forums at (The Forum the Slender Man appears a few pages in).

I have to say that despite knowing the truth I was still unsettled by it all... stupid YouTube!

Monday, 23 August 2010

First real try at using a graphics tablet the early hours of sunday morning at least!

I picked up a cheap Medion tablet just to see how they worked and to give me a something to compare against when I look at replacing it in the next couple of months. I've had mixed reviews on Medion stuff but the tablet seems to be one of the good things they made albeit less accurate and pressure sensitive than some of the Wacom tablets it works well enough for me for now...

It started off as a squiggle in Photoshop and turned into a sort of dune/rock/skate ramp-esque thing :D

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Getting Older :S

I am as of the 19th officially an adult of 21 years, liable to pay all sorts of horrible things like coucil tax (until enrolment)...

As a sort of present at work I got a pair of work trousers... Only been waiting 13 Months for them! Still, now I needn't wreck my own clothes!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Previous 3D work

This is a link to my somewhat dusty DeviantArt  profile showing some 3D work I did for college:

DeviantART Profile

The model was to represent a possible set design for a theatre adaption of Edward Scissorhands. I set this model up purely to show how the effect of light direction, colour and cast shadows would convey the symbolism in the storyline. The light and shadow in the daytime renders play the ideas of Edward's "enlightenment"/birth into the rest of the world against the anxiety he feels and other people's immediate reaction to his appearance. The darker night renders are set at the end of the film where everyone believes Edward is dead, thus retracting from the 'light' world outside and returning to the solitude of his dark attic room.

There is such irony in the film that the colourful townsfolk are shallow and quite evil inside whilst charming and attractive on the outside, like a chocolate eclaire filled with tar. Edward however is striking in appearance but is actually naïve, unoffensive and amoral


Only a few weeks till the start of the course and I'm nervous already. Looking across to the other first years work that has been posted up for the summer project has thrown my own artistic talent into a world of sharp contrast! I think there will be much practice and refinement in the extremely near future.

There are some pretty interesting takes on the project that I would never have thought of!

Anyhow, back to reality, a trip to the post office and then the project!