Friday, 3 December 2010

Quick post- Env ideas

  • Kitchen/Bar- counter with knife suck point down into surface. Table with some stuff knocked over, chair toppled. A door in the back of the room opens outward into darkness
  • Train/Bus station. some lights out, news paper blown across shot. what light remains is dim and yellow, jaundiced look. A small, innocent looking, toy bear with a little green bow tie sits on a shelf in a public telephone. The phone is disengaged, hanging down but now quite still. It hasn't moved for a while, protected from the draughts but the glass enclosure despite the small jagged hole in one pane surrounded by a small amount of a reddish brown substance.The walls are tiled, some with a blackish mould that forms in damp places. in some places a few tiles are missing, fallen off through age or past abuse to smash loudly against the floor and become little more than rubble, a remenant of the past. The roof (if/where visible) is meshed over to prevent pidgeons roosting, the mesh is broken in places with feathers and pigeon mess coating a proportion of the piece.
  • Childs room- Dark, under exposed with creepy manaquin(s) in a childs bed staring at the camera. Moonlight picks up the detail in a cold blueish light. The light reflects on the manaquins eyes making them seem real. What can be seen of the room is that of any childs room, toys and bits decorate the space but seem faded and dusty. toys are abandoned as if their owner left mid-play. A door in the background stands ajar letting in a little more of the same moonlight

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