Tuesday, 14 December 2010

@phil- tableau vivant?

Just to clarify something on the tableau vivant style, can we have anything 'moving' or in the process of moving, like my idea of having part of a train carriage in the scene, if it was an animation it would be passing through and it would be kicking up some dust and old papers etc. Is this within the boundaries of the style? the interwebz doesn't really say much more that its like a snapshot of life or a scene from a play etc. I just think my scene might benefit from some implied movement from litter/wind/dust (of course I have yet to put the idea in my head to paper but I would like to know the boundarys)


  1. Interim Online Review 14/12/2010

    Hey Ollie,

    To answer your specific question; there is no rule about NOT having 'suspended action' in your scene - after all, I did show that Suicide photograph in the briefing presentation that does just that. That said, in previous years, students who have attempted to generate this kind of 'photographic' image have only succeeded really in putting an object in mid-air, as opposed to conveying movement credibly - with the effect that the floating object/action just looks distracting. Tread carefully is my learned advice!

    The setting of the subway has lots of potential obviously - because of the light and dark and general grime. Just be careful that as you think about the puppet component you don't go too out and out HORROR; remember that puppets are creepy in their own right, so may not need too much Halloweening to unnerve.

    Obviously - if you post more interesting work - notably your concept art - you'll get more feedback, so use your blog proactively and we'll continue to discuss your development. I like the positivity of your headscape right now - you've got an awful lot of work on if you want to get to Semester 2 with no academic debt. I think you can do it. I'm expecting a big turnaround from you, Ollie - so don't disappoint. I suggest that you post your essay structure for Unit 2 here on your blog, so I can take a look.

  2. For guidance notes etc. on your Unit 3 written assignment, see link: