Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Marionette influences

Just some more marionette pics (I am taking note that the whole scene must be uncanny and that this isn't character design)

I was thinking about how the eyes should look, something like this is kinda creepy

Marionette enemies from Devil May Cry, not particularly scary but I like the costumes. Maybe the marionette should have a dagger?

A $1500 marionette, the odd proportion of the head make it a little unnerving (the scultor seemed to only have focused on one area too... ;)

So far for the stringed fellow It'll have these traits: Black eyes with a narrow eccentricity because they're unnatural and a bit scary, dressed in a sort of motley(?) with little wings and an odd sized head. A large portion will be burned (as influence from the Gulf War pic on a prior post)

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