Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Location influence

I've decided to run with the train station although I have no idea about layout/location. I have seen this photo of the disused 18th street station in Manhattan:

I really do like this picture, it seems to already have a CG quality about it. There is also a contrast between the modern concrete coloumns and what appears to be old wooden frames in front of the train.

IDEA!!!: Would it destory the uncanny effect to have a train encroach upon the scene? Not a whole train but just the front or rear of a single carriage. The train would reinforce the familar aspect of a train platform and serve to cast dramatic light esp. if a marionette was being backlit by the train seeing as backlit subjects would only appear as a sillouette and imagnination seems to love playing tricks with shadows?

must grab drawing implements...

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