Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Influential images

These are some influential images I've collected, I think I'm probably going to go for either a train platform/tube platform or a public toilet. I am determined to use a marionette or similar 'immobile' puppet-esque things.

Image 1 from http://www.abandonedstations.org.uk/Aldwych_station_3.html
This image didn't come out properly because of an 'anti-theft' script on the images, the 1/4 i have looks good anyway:

Image 2: a picture of Montzen station (cant remember where it came from)
In particular I like the low camera location

Image 3: A scary Marionette, is there much more to say about this creepy looking thing?

Image 4 (Warning, its a bit disturbing) A picture taken during the Gulf War or a burnt out soldier. I was thinking of using this as a basis for a marionette; a burnt puppet with untouched eyes that capute a malevolent glint.
Opens up bigger, didn't want to put anyone off their lunch

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