Monday, 22 November 2010

Inspiration strikes!

During the night I had an idea as to the stylisation of my work, I had found some illustraions for Jules Verne's works floating about on the interwebs, in particular the works of Rene Paul


An example of Rene Paul's work
So anyway, whilst trying to sleep the word 'Sepia' popped into my head and I thought that maybe sepia tones could creep into the scenes I am to produce. My previous attemps at the Graveyard scene have been very light and open, but after seeing Rene's take on it I think his dark claustrophobic rendition is a better take on it.

Rene Paul's take on the Graveyard

So this thinking of sepia work and taking inspiration from Rene lead me onto the steampunk style, Justin has been saying to me over the last coupe of fridays about how he has embraced the style for the interiors of the Nautilus but I never really thought i could implement steampunk aspects into natural landscapes. Then when looking at Andriana's blog I saw Phil's comment linking to the video 'The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello' and now I see that both sepia and steampunk go hand in hand, Morello is essencially an ocean exploration in the air so I feel that I can use it as valid inspiration for a sea of sepia. The landscapes in Morello are also dark and some look a bit nautical and I think can influence the style of any seaweed/ hanging things etc that may or may not make it into my designs.

Even in the dark world of Morello there are parts that light up with saturation

The painted stylised land found in Morello

During a chat me and Phil had last week stylisation was brought up and amongst several ideas 'Finding Nemo' was brought up because of its higly colour saturated disney-ness. I think that for the Pearl and Atlantis scenes a touch of bright saturated colour could help to make the picture 'pop', to draw the eye and cast some light. I dont think I will go as far as Finding Nemo, it can harldy be copy/paste into a sepia photograph but toned down slightly I think it may work

My refence/inspiration/stye influence:

Rene Paul's woodcut prints for reference and composition
Jasper Morello/Sepia/Steampunk colour scheme
Finding Nemo inspired colour saturation
A couple of books on underwater photography for reference and composition

For the Atlantis scene I'll also look at Tuscan architecture because it is mentioned explicitly in the text

and thinking whilst Im typing I may take on Morello's painterly aspects too...
painty sepia steampunk disney??? (well at least I have some direction now!)

*totally irrelevant but a Morello is also a type of Cherry...

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