Wednesday, 24 November 2010

First Scene - A Priecless Pearl -WIP-

Heres the current state of the 'Priceless pearl' scene. I dragged a sepia photo into it to sample colours from it but I seem to have changed the palette along the way whilst darkening everything down.
Criticisms welcome :)

Original pencil drawing scanned in, levels adjusted to compensate for my scanner over exposing...

Dragged in a sepia photo to get some colour samples

colour in over the pencil
everything blocked in, some shadow added

further shadowing, things have started to look good but more mountain cave than underwater :S


  1. Hey Ollie - cutting it a bit fine, aren't you? (And a little bird tells me you non-subbed your perception essay - groan!). That said, I like the style here, so be careful to retain the cross-hatching textures etc, as you move into the digital medium. But think about your light source - where's it coming from? With a cave environment, you have the opportunity for some very 'theatrical' lighting...

  2. Key Light - Pearl

    secondary - hole in the centre wall

    the entrance will also cast some very suble rim lighting on the hole just above the clam.