Monday, 4 October 2010

Sketches #2

Something started to happen after a while involving a pencil and some paper and a graphics tablet and pen...

Started to mess about developing my hybrid in photoshop with a tablet

Looking at the Barn Owl's skull, it has a huge beak hidden by feathery fluff!

Phil had a look at my work and confirmed that this really wasnt working.
I needed to rethink how my hybrid was going to work

So at this stage I have to really knuckle down and flesh out my hybrid, how is it going to work? What is going where etc etc... cue some paper work!

Looking at the skull/beak of an owl and its wings.
Wings are very much similar to our arms up to the wrist

Incorporating the wing, sternum an collar bones into a human skeleton.

This is pretty much where I'm up to at the moment. The latest sketches of mine have started to make everthing else fall into place and i should have a ready to rock concept within a few days!

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