Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Photoshop Work #1

So I did upload some stuff from photoshop but heres a complete post of:



  1. Hi Oliver, don't be afraid to work into the images at the top. In the same way you've worked up the bottom images. Starting to show some good form in the bottom sketches, looking forward to seeing what happens when you apply what you've learned to your self portrait, also with some colour experiments.. Phill

  2. Hey Ollie,

    I can't help feeling that you're over-playing the proportions of the beak... also, one of the defining aspects of the barn owl is the rounded 'upholstered' look of the bird - also, isn't the size of the eyes important for conveying the essence of your animal? I encourage you to do as others have done - create a self-portrait, and then push the anatomy of your barn owl 'through' it...

  3. @ tutorphil

    Yeah the proportions of the beak in my first drawings were out, but looking at the skeleton of a barn owl shows that the beak is actually rather big anyway. The eyes I've started to work into my current sketches which will be up by friday night (my focus is on the film reviews which I'm a little behind on and the essay too, though I have a good idea for this which fits the unit material)

    This is one of the images I'm using as a reference, its an educational model:

  4. @ philsartspace

    Thank you, I seem to work better with lines rather than sillouettes but I'll play around with sillouettes to get a good strong pose and then draw some defining lines over it, working the image up like I did on the leg.