Monday, 16 August 2010


Only a few weeks till the start of the course and I'm nervous already. Looking across to the other first years work that has been posted up for the summer project has thrown my own artistic talent into a world of sharp contrast! I think there will be much practice and refinement in the extremely near future.

There are some pretty interesting takes on the project that I would never have thought of!

Anyhow, back to reality, a trip to the post office and then the project!


  1. Hey Oliver,

    Don't worry :-) And don't be nervous. You know, it's inevitable when you move into a 'bigger pond', that you'll experience a new perspective on your own work; you might worry that you're not 'good' enough, or that you're somehow lacking what your classmates already 'have'. It's true that you're about to meet a bunch of people who will have more/less experience at this sort of thing - but, hey, so what? All I ask of you is that you engage creatively, limber up, get those creative juices flowing and, yes, if your drawing is a bit wobbly, then use this opportunity to slay some demons. No one is asking you to be perfect or extraordinary or 'ready-to-wear' - just be 'up for it!'

    For some pointers re. the summer brief, check out this post on the CGAA group blog - and read the comment thread too; there is no 'right' way in terms of getting your ideas down, but there is a brief and it's probably worth taking another look at it as you commence...

  2. Thanks Phil,

    Apart from the media, I've only ever seen other people's work at school (that was a while ago..) and college where there isn't a huge difference in each person's skill so it's a shock to see such diversity in one room!

    I guess all I can do is get some more pencils and sharpeners... I think I might wear a few out ;)

  3. Hi Oliver! I'm Jackie, and I'm a learning support assistant working with some of the year 2s... don't worry about your drawing skills at this stage - believe me, some of last years first years were reluctant drawers to say the least! - BUT... they loosened up as the year went on, and it all paid off in the end! Just 'go with the flow' and enjoy yourself! See you in September!

  4. Hey Jackie,

    Thanks for the support, I guess Im just being a bit of a worrier :)

  5. Hi Oliver,

    Mate, I'm laying bricks about starting too but looking at your 'deviantart' work I'm sure you'll be fine!! It's been like 10 years since I've been in Education and I'm worried about keeping up! At the end of the day we're all in the same boat and it'll be great bouncing ideas off each other.

  6. Yeah I guess its just a case of perfomance anxiety ;) 3D stuff is a little easier for me to tweak into something good and I have a book on CG lighting, photometrics seems to click with me... I hated physics at school (I was all about chemistry... explosions etc) but light makes sense to me in 3D

    10 years since education? I thought I was gonna be one of the older students having just turned 21 but I guess not lol!

    Is there any art lessons availible on the campus that I might be able to take up as well? It would make sense to take them alongside CG Arts so I can develop on a personal and professional level, I can draw buildings, orthographics and other things needing a ruler quite well but other areas need a bit of direction