Saturday, 21 August 2010

Getting Older :S

I am as of the 19th officially an adult of 21 years, liable to pay all sorts of horrible things like coucil tax (until enrolment)...

As a sort of present at work I got a pair of work trousers... Only been waiting 13 Months for them! Still, now I needn't wreck my own clothes!


  1. 21? You're a babe in arms, Oliver! :-)

  2. Oliver- and Phil - you are both babes in arms! :)

  3. I guess so lol! I still feel old... not that I feel a whole year older on the one day. Mind you I already have a proper 'battle wound' on my right knee where I smashed it into the ground a few years ago which aches in the damp and cold! All I need now is a cane and some tweed to make retirement!