Monday, 23 August 2010

First real try at using a graphics tablet the early hours of sunday morning at least!

I picked up a cheap Medion tablet just to see how they worked and to give me a something to compare against when I look at replacing it in the next couple of months. I've had mixed reviews on Medion stuff but the tablet seems to be one of the good things they made albeit less accurate and pressure sensitive than some of the Wacom tablets it works well enough for me for now...

It started off as a squiggle in Photoshop and turned into a sort of dune/rock/skate ramp-esque thing :D


  1. hello, I'm Ruben From 2nd Year..

    It is good that you are starting already to get hold of a pen tablet..yes wacom tablet are the best, my advice for a starter the bamboo is a cheap and cool choice, for more advanced stuff Intuous 4, also this year you will learn a lot about techniques to polish the digital paintings..

    good luck !!!

  2. Thanks Ruben!

    I looked at the bamboo and it has the same spec as the tablet I have only mine was cheaper lol :)

    I think I prefer digital painting to real painting as I'm useless with it lol